Virtual Tour of Singapore

In 2015, we were successful in our bid to host IOI2020. From that point, we were committed to delivering the best possible IOI experience to all who would be participating in the competition. Unfortunately, much of that effort was rendered moot due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, we persisted, and in a matter of months following the onset of the pandemic, managed to deliver what would be the first online IOI in the competition’s history. So as not to allow our earlier efforts in preparation for IOI2020 to go to waste, we were generously afforded a second opportunity; to host IOI2021. The hope, and expectation, was that the pandemic would have ended by the time IOI2021 was to commence. Alas, for a multitude of reasons, this has not come to pass, and we are once more faced with an online IOI. As we are not able to physically host you on our beautiful island, we have created a Virtual Tour of Singapore instead. There are two segments:

  1. The Attraction Segment
    Six interactive virtual tour sessions will be conducted. You can join us using the Zoom links provided. During these tours, operators will show you some of the attractions that you would have visited during your
    stay here if not for the pandemic. Please do join us during these sessions if you are in a favorable time zone, and if not, please do at least view the recordings of these tours.

  3. The Sponsors’ Segment
    Our sponsors, who have generously given us tremendous support, have arranged for some interaction sessions. These sessions allow the sponsors an opportunity to engage all the participants. These sessions include a variety of showcases (e.g., dealing with climate change, advances in IT within our daily lives, and possible future technologies, etc), as well as information concerning internship opportunities, and opportunities to claim online gifts.

What do you need to do?

On the Singapore map provided, are several icons and logos. Clicking on each of these will result in a popup containing material that has been provided by the tour operators (for attractions) and sponsors. Go through all the material so that you will be prepared to participate in our online quiz, which offers attractive prizes.

Start Now

Online Quiz

  • The quiz is divided into several sections, one for each sponsor.
  • Fill in your particulars accurately. You may not receive the prizes if any of the particulars is incorrect. Make sure you indicate whether you are an IOI contestant or you are taking part in the open category. 
  • Answer all the MCQ questions in each section. The answers to all the MCQs may be found in the material provided. You do not need to search for the answers on other platforms.
  • You can start to answer the questions for the Sponsors’ segment now. The quiz will end on 24 June 2021 (5pm Singapore time) 
  • The organizers will process the submissions and determine the winners. If there is any tie, the tie will be broken by a raffle draw during closing ceremony.

Prizes are:


Prizes IOI contestant Open category
1st S$1000 S$500
2nd S$500 S$300
3rd S$300 S$200
4th S$200
5th – 14th Huawei wireless Headset


S$ = Singapore Dollar